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Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Junk With An Affordable Dumpster Rental

Of course, you can take out your garbage yourself. However, using an affordable dumpster rental offers a whole range of benefits. Dumpster rentals make garbage disposal easier and more convenient. If you have never used a dumpster rental, then you are missing out on this efficient refuse disposal hack. In this blog, we discuss five reasons you should hire a dumpster rental for your next garbage disposal.

Why Should You Rent A Dumpster?

Renting a dumpster is cheaper than buying one for yourself.  Typically, rental companies have dumpsters in different sizes, so you can select any dumpster that fits your errands for an affordable fee. Here are five reasons you should get rid of your junk with an affordable dumpster rental.


Moving comes with lots of packing and rearranging. Typically, people accumulate garbage, most of which is left littering the old house or stashed somewhere until you are ready to sort the unwanted items. With a dumpster, sorting out garbage from recyclable items becomes easier. You don’t have to worry about overflowing your garbage bin or cluttering the front of your home with old belongings. You could simply pile them in your dumpster.

Decluttering and Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a popular activity in most homes. As the weather becomes warmer, we begin to clear up homes in anticipation of the summer. You could also set out to do a routine deep cleaning and decluttering of your home or office. Such activities often result in big piles of trash, which can be hard to dispose of without a dumpster.

Renovation Cleanup

Home or office renovation leaves with a beautiful space, as well as piles of debris and dirt. This is especially common where there are demolitions or heavy remodeling. Some of these waste materials are toxic and should not be disposed of like regular waste. Having a dumpster helps you collect the garbage for the rental company to dispose of properly.

Community Cleaning

During community cleaning, all hands are on deck to clear out season-long piles of rubbish, trim or cut up trees and weeds, or deep-clean shared facilities. As you may already know, such cleaning sessions often end in big heaps of garbage or materials to be repurposed. When you use an affordable rental dumpster, you can rent multiple dumpsters to sort out the garbage and rid your community of overflowing piles of trash. Dumpsters come in different sizes, so you can rent multiple dumpsters or one large-sized container.


The recycling culture is evolving and gaining popularity each day. Having a designated container like a dumpster to collect recyclable objects is a worthy investment. Not only will it encourage members of your community to recycle their waste, it will promote responsible waste management for all.

Rent Your Next Dumpster With Busy Bee Disposal In Everett, MA

Getting a dumpster rental is a great decision, but what’s even better is getting an affordable company. Busy Bee Disposal offers affordable rental services with easy scheduling for your relocation needs. What’s great about Busy Bee is its wide range of dumpster sizes and prices. They also have flexible scheduling, so you can get your things moved at your convenience.  If you live in Everett or Malden, MA, then Busy Bee Disposal is for you. Call us at (781) 605-8277 or fill out our contact form for additional information.

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