Busy Bee Disposal offers three (3) sizes of Dumpsters (“Equipment”) for Rental to Residential  and Commercial clients. Each Rental Period is for two (2) weeks, or equivalently fourteen (14)  consecutive days. Each Rental is based on the Customers needs and Property Size. If a  Dumpster cannot be delivered to a location, the Customer has an option of a Live Load. A Live  Load is when the Dumpster does not touch the grounds of the Customer, it remains on our  truck. Busy Bee Disposal will wait in the truck while the Customer loads the dumpster. Except  as otherwise mutually agreed in writing between Customer and Busy Bee Disposal, Customer  will pay Busy Bee Disposal via credit card payment before delivery of Equipment. There will  be a 3% additional charge for all American Express credit card payments. Customer  acknowledges and agrees that all Overload Fees assessed by Busy Bee Disposal against  Customer may be charged to Customer’s credit card. Customer understands that full payment  for services will be billed to the credit card number Customer has authorized, as services are  rendered. Charges for additional items including, but not limited to, the fees listed in this  Contract will be charged when incurred. 

Ten (10) Yard Dumpster $450.00 with One (1) Ton Weight Limit 

Fifteen (15) Yard Dumpster $550.00 with Two (2) Ton Weight Limit 

Twenty (20) Yard Dumpster $750.00 with Three (3) Ton Weight Limit Live Load $150.00 per hour for waiting time in addition to the Equipment Rental Price


This Contract will commence at the time the first order is placed, subject to acceptance by  us. This contract may cover multiple rentals at multiple locations, and is valid anytime  Customer or Customer Representative places an order from the date of contract hereafter.  This contract will terminate on the day the final dumpster is received back by our facility in  or other location as we may specify (“Contract Term”). The rental period for each dumpster  will commence on the day that the dumpster is delivered by us to Customer and will end  when we pick up the dumpster for emptying (“Rental Period”). All rental rates are based upon  a Rental Period not to exceed Fourteen (14) calendar days for Residential sites, and  Commercial sites. For a Rental Period exceeding these terms, please contact Busy Bee  Disposal by phone to plan. Additional rental fees shall apply to extended rental periods. If the  Rental Period of Fourteen (14) days has exceeded an additional charge of $10.00 per day will apply. Customer may call Busy Bee Disposal to schedule early pick up.


We will make reasonable efforts to deliver a dumpster on the date and time requested.  Busy Bee Disposal is not responsible for delays in performance of delivery or pickup of the  dumpster. We request at least one (1) days’ notice if you must cancel or postpone the service.  Absent such notice, the Customer will be charged a $75 fee to compensate Busy Bee Disposal  for the cost of moving the dumpster to and from your site. Busy Bee Disposal is not  responsible for delivery of the dumpster unless payment is made in full. When an order is  placed, and once Busy Bee Disposal is on-site and attempts to complete the service and is  unable to do so for any reason outside of our control, you will be charged a $75 fee for Services Not Rendered (SNR). Please make sure any homeowner and/ or worker is aware of  our arrival, private gates are unlocked, and vehicles are not blocking our access.
A fuel surcharge (FSC) fee will be applied to all deliveries. You’ll be notified of the cost upon delivery request. 
The stated rental rate is for delivery within a twenty (20) mile radius of the Everett,  Massachusetts area. Deliveries outside of this area will be made at an additional cost of $90  per hour. (minimum of 2 hours)

The rental fee includes the cost of hauling away the dumpster and its contents of Allowable  Waste at the end of the Rental Period. An additional relocation fee of $50 is charged anytime  Busy Bee Disposal is required to move the dumpster to another site or another location at  the same site during a single Rental Period. 

Busy Bee Disposal prohibits the removal or moving of our Equipment by another machine, or  person, not owned or operated by Busy Bee Disposal. Any type of relocation made by the  Customer will be fined accordingly under Busy Bee Disposal’s discretion.


Only Allowable Waste may be placed in the Rental Equipment. Customer will contact Busy  Bee Disposal if they are unsure of allowable items. For purposes of this Contract, “Allowable  Waste” shall mean non-hazardous solid waste resulting from the construction, remodeling,  repair, and demolition of utilities and structures, and uncontaminated solid waste resulting  from land clearing (collectively, such activities are referred to as “Construction and  Demolition”). Without limitation, such waste includes wood (including painted, treated, and  coated wood and wood products), land clearing debris, wall coverings, plaster, drywall,  plumbing fixtures, non-asbestos insulation, roofing shingles and other roofing coverings,  glass, plastics that are not sealed in a manner that conceals other waste, empty buckets ten  (10) gallons or less in size and having no more than (1) inch of residue remaining on the  bottom, electrical wiring and components containing no hazardous liquids, pip and metals,  corrugated container board, carpeting, furniture, and tires, that are incidental to  Construction and Demolition (“C&D Debris”). Customer is fully responsible for the entire 

contents of the container and is the rightful owner of the contents of the container until the  contents are disposed of and accepted without protest by the respective disposal facility. An  additional charge of $150.00 will be calculated per mattresses box springs and sofas, and  $100 for tv monitors, computers, A/C, car tire and tire with rim.


Unauthorized or prohibited wastes (“Prohibited Waste”) includes any waste that is not  Allowable Waste, including but not limited to: hazardous waste, household garbage,  radioactive material, dirt, chemical products, medical waste, lead paint chips, herbicides or  pesticides, industrial waste, asbestos, oil filters, solvents, paint (except completely dried latex  paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, aerosol cans, appliances, refrigerants,  propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/ oil filters, contaminated  oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze, petroleum- contaminated soil/ tires,  batteries, fluorescent tubes, animals, barrels, all liquids, or chain link fencing.


Busy Bee Disposal will deliver a light duty dumpster with an approximate capacity of ten (10),  fifteen (15), or twenty (20) cubic yards. Allowable Waste (“Debris”) may be loaded to the top  rail of the dumpster. Debris may NOT be loaded above the top rail. Heavy materials such as  concrete, dirt, brick, rock, sand, asphalt, and sod shall only be loaded into a ten (10) yard  dumpster and shall not fill the dumpster higher than the top rail. Busy Bee Disposal will  charge the Customer for heavy materials based on the total weight of the scale normally  ranging from $500.00 to $1,000.00, exceptions may apply. Heavy materials shall not be  loaded into a fifteen (15) or twenty (20) yard dumpster. Waste must also be loaded evenly  so that the distribution of weight is centered in the dumpster

Safety is our main concern when loading and hauling dumpsters. You are responsible for  proper loading of the dumpster. Overloaded, improperly loaded and/or overflowing  dumpsters are dangerous. An overweight dumpster or a dumpster loaded beyond the top rail  can cause a dangerous weight imbalance during transport that may result in an accident or a  traffic violation. Customer is responsible for overweight or incorrectly loaded dumpster and will be asked to remove excess debris that causes the dumpster to be overloaded or  overweight.

If the dumpster is too heavy to pick up, not evenly distributed, overfilled with debris above  the top of the dumpster, or the driver has safety concerns about picking up the dumpster the  customer will be charged $75.00 for the failed pick up. Busy Bee Disposal will notify Customer  of the problem, which must be corrected before the next pick-up attempt is made. If Busy  Bee Disposal does pick up a dumpster weighing more than the stated allowance [See Section  1] Customer will be charged $175.00 for each ton above the limit. ( per extra ton)


Customer must notify Busy Bee Disposal if the dumpster is damaged during the Rental Term.  Rent will continue without discount and will not terminate until the day that it is received  back at Busy Bee Disposal’s site unless it is determined by Busy Bee Disposal that the  dumpster was delivered in such damaged condition. Customer is responsible for any cost of  repair for the damaged dumpster, or the full purchase cost of equivalent new equipment in  the event a dumpster is stolen or damaged beyond repair, in our sole determination, during  the Rental Period.


Busy Bee Disposal shall not be liable for damage to any concrete, asphalt, grass or other  surface, or water lines or other subsurface systems, whether arising during the Rental Period  or thereafter. Nor shall Busy Bee Disposal be liable for damage or injury to any structure,  equipment, vehicle, or other item during delivery, pick up or the Rental Period, except to the  extent caused by the negligence of Busy Bee Disposal or its employees. 

Dumpsters are heavy even without overloading and may cause damage to the surface on  which they rest and underground lines and systems. Customer is responsible for determining  suitable placement of the dumpster to minimize exposure to such damage and damage  during delivery or pick-up of the dumpster by Busy Bee Disposal. Overloading of a dumpster  can also cause damage to the container and to the equipment hauling the container.


Customer agrees to provide proper care of dumpster and to return the dumpster in good  working condition at the end of the Rental Period. Customer shall not perform any  modifications, alterations, or changes to the dumpster without prior written consent of Busy  Bee Disposal. Any unauthorized modifications will be removed, and equipment will be 

corrected to original status, at Customer expense. Customer shall comply with all laws,  regulations, and ordinances, existing and as amended, relating to the operation and use of  the dumpster and disposal of waste materials therein (“Applicable Laws”). Busy Bee Disposal  may terminate this agreement at any time for reasons of misuse or neglect of the equipment,  violation of any Applicable Laws, or breach of this Contract by Customer.


Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Busy Bee Disposal, its officers, directors,  employees, contractors and agents (“Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against any  claim for damages or injury to person or property; any and all claims, damages or losses  claimed by any third party arising out of or resulting from the failure to comply with the  provisions of this Contract; and/or the use or misuse of the rented dumpster or violation of  Applicable Laws, by Customer or Customer’s employees, contractors or agents except to the  extent that such claims, damages or losses are attributable to the negligence, misconduct or  omission of Indemnified Parties.


It is expressly understood and agreed that this is a Dumpster Rental Contract only, and that  nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as conveying to the Customer any  right, title or interest in the equipment, other than as a rental. Should the Customer fail to  return the dumpster or to make it available for pick-up at the end of the Rental Period and at  a reasonable time during Busy Bee Disposal’s regular business hours, Busy Bee Disposal may  without notice or court order, enter upon the Customer’s premises or such other location as  the dumpster may be to retake possession and remove the dumpster. All costs incurred by  Busy Bee Disposal in such removal shall be at the Customer’s expense. The Customer hereby  waives any claim for damages arising from any such entry, taking, or removal.