Tips on a Stress-Free Move

Whether you are doing a business or a personal move, starting a new journey can be thrilling. A move can be demanding and requires careful planning and organization to be successful. More than anything, you want your move to be stress-free and a breeze. But, you know that the unfortunate does happen occasionally, but you can limit the level of stress that you’ll experience on your move. Here’s a look at some valuable tips for a stress-free move. 

Book a Moving Company Early

Your move could be in the fall, summer, or spring, but one thing that is important to do is to schedule with a moving company early. Keep your moving date in mind, and do not procrastinate on booking your move with a local company. Chances are, if you hesitate and book too close to your moving date, you may find that the company’s schedule is already full. Where does that leave you? You may be left struggling to find a moving company at the most critical time. Plan with a moving company in advance and give yourself some extra time to take care of all the essentials that go into moving. 

Plan Your Packing

The first part of planning your packing is to begin early to avoid a crunch-time rush. If you haven’t done packing before, know this, it almost always takes more time than you had planned. Starting sooner than later gives you room to put items away without stressing and the satisfaction of being proactive and not a procrastinator. Take into account the number of rooms you have to pack up and the volume of items you’ll have to deal with.

According to Moving Tips, packing takes on average 2 days for a one-bedroom apartment, 3-4 days for a two-bedroom home, 4-5 days for a three-bedroom house, and 5-6 days for a four-bedroom house. Start packing up the rooms that get the least use, but avoid leaving your kitchen for last since it may require more time than other rooms and specialized packing. An important note is to pack supplies in advance, from tape to packing paper. 

Organize Important Documents

The last thing you want is your important documents to get lost among your many moving boxes. It’s not sufficient to put the papers into a filing cabinet and throw them in the moving truck. You need to organize the documents in a way that makes it easy to find exactly what document you need when you need it. Avoiding misplacement of your important documents is one thing, but keeping them protected is another reason to organize them. Begin by sorting your documents by type, including moving, financial, property-related, personal, contractual, and contacts lists. Separate them by importance, store documents you need to access in an easy-to-reach spot, create a filing system(e.g.color coding) for easy identification and create digital copies of the documents on a flash drive or cloud storage for backup purposes. 

Declutter Before Your Move

Preparing for a move creates the ideal opportunity to purge your place of unwanted/unnecessary items that you will not be taking to your new residence. Decluttering will save you valuable time and cut the cost of moving. One way to begin the decluttering process is to sort items by category, such as sell, donate, recycle, toss, and give away, which will help keep things organized and stress-free. The idea is only to pack what you need and not get lost down memory lane, which will not only cut your time but will likely compel you to hold on to items you should get rid of. The fewer items you take on the move, the smaller the moving vehicle, and as a result, the less the moving transportation will cost. 

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