Tips to Keep Your Home Junk Free

Having a clutter-free home can help keep a clear mind and comfortable space. If you are constantly clearing junk, it may seem unattainable to maintain a clean house. However, if you make beneficial habits and choices, you can absolutely keep your home mess-free. Continue reading for tips on how to keep junk out of your home. 

Make Donating a Habit

Donating unused items is a great way to clear out your space. Many people only donate once they’ve accumulated a lot of things, such as clothes that are no longer wanted. Waiting till you have gained a massive pile to donate will keep you in the same cycle of junk. Instead, donate your items regularly. Find a charity near you and contribute frequently. This way, you can clear out waste before it builds up.

Improve Your Buying Habits 

When making purchases for your home, make sure only to buy necessities. Impulsive purchases can accumulate into junk and clutter, especially if you don’t consistently use them. Getting something that caught your eye is not bad; however, it is best to keep that to a minimum. Try the “one in, one out” rule: keep the number of possessions you own stable by donating an item that is no longer needed to make space for something you do need. Changing your buying habits can help you nip clutter and hoarding in the bud, stopping it before it begins. 

Have a Few Organized Junk Drawers

Not everyone can be completely minimalist and refuse to buy miscellaneous items. Many like to keep items they use on occasion, like holidays or special events. In order to keep junk from the main parts of your home, assign yourself a couple of “organized junk spots” to store your items. They could be a junk drawer in your kitchen, your a bigger space in the basement or garage. Having these areas dedicated to clutter will keep you organized. 

Contact Busy Bee Disposal

If you have already accumulated a great deal of junk, contact Busy Bee Disposal! Our team is happy to help you declutter your home and start fresh. We are able to take various pieces of junk, from old furniture to heavy equipment. Fill out our form or give us a call at (781) 605-8277

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