Tips for Basement Cleanouts

If your basement is a cluttered space you avoid at all costs, you’re not alone. It’s all too easy to fill your basement

Cluttered basement

 with clutter, from holiday decorations to family heirlooms. When your basement becomes a space that feels overwhelming, it’s time for a cleanout! Set yourself up for a successful cleanout with these basement cleanout tips.

Make a Plan

Before any cleaning can begin, you should make a plan of attack. Do you want to clean the whole basement in one day or tackle one area at a time? What will you do with the items you aren’t keeping? 

Get a clear vision of what you want your basement to look like at the end of the cleanout. Going into the process with a plan will make the cleanout more manageable and less overwhelming. 

Get Organized

Next, it’s time to start getting organized for your basement cleanout. You’ll need three distinct areas while you clean to know what you’re keeping, what’s being thrown away, and what’s being sold or donated. Find an organization method that works well for you, like a labeled box for each category.

Creating a list of items you know you want to keep may also be helpful. This will put those items at the top of your mind so you can keep an eye out for them while you clean.

Sort While You Clean

Finally, it’s time to put your planning and organization tactics to work. Start cleaning the basement by sorting items into their designated areas. Things that will be donated, sold, or thrown away can be removed from the basement as you go. This will clear out more space and make the rest of the cleaning easier.

Items you’re keeping can be sorted into piles of similar objects to be stored appropriately at the end of the cleanout. For instance, all your holiday decorations can go into totes and be labeled before being placed into one area of your basement. 

If you have items in the basement belonging to family members and you’re not sure what to do with them, create a separate organized area so the right people can go through their items and get them out of your basement.

Contact Busy Bee Disposal

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do with the items you aren’t keeping, don’t stress! Contact Busy Bee Disposal today for an on-site dumpster rental for your basement cleanout. On-site dumpster rental makes it easy to clean your basement at your own pace. You can get a dumpster that’s large enough to handle all the junk from your basement cleanout, and when you’re finished, the pros will tow it away for you!

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