Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Dumpster

A dumpster is needed for various reasons, including cleaning out the attic, basement, or garage. It is an efficient and economical method of waste disposal while moving to a new home, remodeling an old house, or carrying out a construction project.

Others find themselves needing a dumpster for the first time after facing natural disasters such as flood or wind storms which fill the backyard with tree branches and other similar materials.

As someone new to renting a dumpster, you may find the process confusing. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before renting a dumpster.

Research the dumpster renting companies

Dumpster renting companies differ in many aspects. Your research should include charge comparison, quality of service, and company policy on the type of waste allowed to be dumped.

The research will allow you to select the rental company with the most affordable price and quality service and learn about waste not allowed to be dumped.

Determine the size of the dumpster you need

Dumpsters come in various sizes, including 10, 15, and 20-yard dumpsters. What informs the size of dumpster you need is the amount of waste you anticipate from the cleaning or construction project.

Ideally, select a dumpster size above the amount of waste you anticipate.

Select an appropriate location

One thing you must remember before renting a dumpster is the location where it will be kept when delivered. The size of the dumpster is an important factor to consider in this case. Also, the location should not be along the traffic route, which may block the movement of your neighbor’s cars.

Learn the company policy

Every dumpster renting company has policies regarding what type of waste is not allowed to be dumped. Most companies disallow the dumping of hazardous or medical waste, car batteries, paints, tires, etc. if your type of waste is included in the list, ensure to leave this out of the dumpster or consider a different renting company.

How long will you need the dumpster?

One of the things to have in mind before renting a dumpster is when you will need the dumpster and how long you will need it. This will help you set an ideal delivery and collection date. When you fail to do this, the waste in the dumpster may sit in your driveway longer than you desire.

Book early

You do not want the situation where the dumpster is delivered late, forcing you to delay your cleaning project or pack the waste in garbage bags. Booking early ensures on-time delivery of the dumpster a day or two before the start of the clean-up.

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